unknown (killshimself) wrote in energykinesis,

hour meditation

i just meditated for around an hour to an hour n a half..

some i remember some i dont. i was mostly blank, slippin in and out of existence.
sometimes my eyes were open, but most of the time closed.

im sure i went into pretty low brain waves, like a sleep but my body was still sitting up.
really focusing on my third eye, impermanence, and my own energy,.

im starting to really see the crazy structure of mind people are in during the moving day.
i can focus so hard on something, see some results. some time later i will not care anymore.
and the after effects of my strain start to shine out of no where..

it is when u let go of your intense focus, that it really becomes strong.

meditation definatly is a threat to your way of life ;)
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