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Of Vampires and Squid-like monsters that travel in Pipes...

The last two dreams i had were incredibly lucid... I was both thrilled and shocked and has left me on a dazed during class hours.

Anyway, the first dream had Kentaro (guy i like...just started noticing me recently, too bad im moving next year...) a bunch of my other friends. For some reason, we were hanging out by the flagpole in school. I had to go use the bathroom, so i excused myself...inside the girl's room, the light was flickering...and it looked hazy. I heard noises everywhere...water dripping, possibly hitting metal...and then the flush pipes started to quiver and next thing i knew i flung in midair and a huge squid-like creature came out of the comode and was flinging all it's damned tentacles all over the place. We ran as fast as we could and hopped into a car...it chased us for as long as i can remember-traveling in sewages. then i woke up.
Second dream propbably had some connection with what i was drawing and what has been planned for me next year (moving back with my dad). I created this being named Lucia and she came from hell....i wouldnt elaborate....anyway, she's a necromancer but i saw Lucia as a vampiric name. My dad appeared in my dream, only he's a vampire... so is my stepmother. The flashes were dull and resembled that of a black and white film-a really old black and white film. A guy I dont even know was there...i cant describe his face in words, but he has Leon Kennedy's body (Resident Evil). He was in town to destroy the vampires. I went with him because afterall, he was going to kill my father. And then i found myself in a speeding car...we were somewhere in the dessert and we were being chased by dark beings in motorcycles...They resembled hulking hoodlums. We stopped at a grocery store...dont know why but we were captured. The next flash, i felt myself being dragged into complete silence and i felt a horrible stench coming from and opening of a room. The hands were pulling on my arm, and it was cold. As we reachhed the top of the stairs, i found myself in a stone room....the walls were cold, grimy rocks piled high upon eachother. There was a hollow, circular...and a stained window in the middle. As i looked around, my eyes fell on a horrible looking man-it was my dad and his eyes were milky blue and didnt have pupils. I was shocked, i fell down and he was laughing. I noticed that behind him was a huge crystla clear window that showed a fresh green pond outside, with the rays of the sun filtered through the heavy foliage of the trees. i longed to rush through it, but i couldnt get up. Later on was what seemed like a flashback; the mysterious man i was with had already been turned into a vampire. And then my dad asked me how i wanted my room to look like.....i only pictured in my head how i would want it to be, but never said anything. Suddenly he was waving his hand around and i was enclosed in a circular room with all the colors i want. But i saw that the window shrank into a mere slit on the wall. I rushed to the door and it was of the heaviest oak, with metal guards...and it was locked. I yelled and yealled that i wanted the side with the clear window overlooking the pond. But all that time, my head was filled with horrible laughter, whispers and cruel remarks, and i collapsed.

I woke up, but i wasnt sweating or anything. My heartbeat was fast, and i was quivering a bit...as if ive just hit hard asphalt, elbows first.
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