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Meditation on Mind over Matter

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29th March 2006

zorbaziv6:18pm: I’m a psychic coach offering lessons on lucid dreaming
Hi Everyone,

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29th April 2005

killshimself8:26pm: ok i got it

all abilities do have a practical use, a good use.. something worth using it on

its called earth, animals, plants, the enviroment, clean water, clean air

healthy people, a future

i really never have any questions, becuz i understand the root..
once u understand that, you can do it all

but im just breakin it down, breaking it up.. disectin the living crap outa it..
trying to see it from a psychics view, a non psychics view..
a spiritual view, a scientific view..

lately ive been sending my energy on a straight path from my head/hand to the object..
i rememberd that u dont need to do that..

you are where your focus is, dont travel to the object.. just be there, be the object
the bi spatial phenomenon where the same atom can be in 2 places at once and react with one mind

so yeh.. makes it a bit easier

28th April 2005

maxtensity4:03pm: Of Vampires and Squid-like monsters that travel in Pipes...
The last two dreams i had were incredibly lucid... I was both thrilled and shocked and has left me on a dazed during class hours.

Anyway, the first dream had Kentaro (guy i like...just started noticing me recently, too bad im moving next year...) a bunch of my other friends. For some reason, we were hanging out by the flagpole in school. I had to go use the bathroom, so i excused myself...inside the girl's room, the light was flickering...and it looked hazy. I heard noises everywhere...water dripping, possibly hitting metal...and then the flush pipes started to quiver and next thing i knew i flung in midair and a huge squid-like creature came out of the comode and was flinging all it's damned tentacles all over the place. We ran as fast as we could and hopped into a car...it chased us for as long as i can remember-traveling in sewages. then i woke up.
Second dream propbably had some connection with what i was drawing and what has been planned for me next year (moving back with my dad). I created this being named Lucia and she came from hell....i wouldnt elaborate....anyway, she's a necromancer but i saw Lucia as a vampiric name. My dad appeared in my dream, only he's a vampire... so is my stepmother. The flashes were dull and resembled that of a black and white film-a really old black and white film. A guy I dont even know was there...i cant describe his face in words, but he has Leon Kennedy's body (Resident Evil). He was in town to destroy the vampires. I went with him because afterall, he was going to kill my father. And then i found myself in a speeding car...we were somewhere in the dessert and we were being chased by dark beings in motorcycles...They resembled hulking hoodlums. We stopped at a grocery store...dont know why but we were captured. The next flash, i felt myself being dragged into complete silence and i felt a horrible stench coming from and opening of a room. The hands were pulling on my arm, and it was cold. As we reachhed the top of the stairs, i found myself in a stone room....the walls were cold, grimy rocks piled high upon eachother. There was a hollow, circular...and a stained window in the middle. As i looked around, my eyes fell on a horrible looking man-it was my dad and his eyes were milky blue and didnt have pupils. I was shocked, i fell down and he was laughing. I noticed that behind him was a huge crystla clear window that showed a fresh green pond outside, with the rays of the sun filtered through the heavy foliage of the trees. i longed to rush through it, but i couldnt get up. Later on was what seemed like a flashback; the mysterious man i was with had already been turned into a vampire. And then my dad asked me how i wanted my room to look like.....i only pictured in my head how i would want it to be, but never said anything. Suddenly he was waving his hand around and i was enclosed in a circular room with all the colors i want. But i saw that the window shrank into a mere slit on the wall. I rushed to the door and it was of the heaviest oak, with metal guards...and it was locked. I yelled and yealled that i wanted the side with the clear window overlooking the pond. But all that time, my head was filled with horrible laughter, whispers and cruel remarks, and i collapsed.

I woke up, but i wasnt sweating or anything. My heartbeat was fast, and i was quivering a bit...as if ive just hit hard asphalt, elbows first.
Current Mood: indescribable
killshimself12:39am: i did some very good pk tonight..
been using 2 mind wheels... and messin with candle flames

heres some interstin web sites






its good to practice every day..

26th April 2005

maxtensity7:09am: I did some counting last night...I didnt fall asleep at all...Anyway, i had the clearest dream last night than ive ever had in months...but it was also the most insignificant...i just cant extract any means of interpretation from it...

Anyway, next sabbath is in the 30th...need new candles.
Current Mood: hungry

22nd April 2005

killshimself7:53pm: i did some micro pk then some macro later last night..

better results then ive seen in months...



20th April 2005

killshimself10:42pm: -self attachment-

thought.. thought.. feeling.. statement.. thought..

the delusion of being a singled out vibrating energy form.

take away speech, sight, smell, touch, thought, breath, sound, and instinct.
did i forget soul?

u cant take that away. sorry.

why wont you stop talking, why wont you stop moving. because you wont be able to interact with the world. why must you interact. you want to belong? you want a goal?
why dont i ever get bored? why do i pretend to be someone i am not.

do you think change, abnormalcy, will scare people. bad people use fear to control people. control or awaken?
the only permanance is change. so why are you so afraid?

stop telling me that i am acting different. stop asking what is wrong.
stop looking for me and find your self.

       -water down-

oblivion is sanctified..
for you, for me
to transcend in a lazy daze
why walk when you can glide through the air
do you see the inbetween
extend your muscle response into the ether
only but on the brink of death are you able to survive
there is something beyond your reflection
create a void of dreams
i dont always think the right thing
but i always do the right thing
im drained and await the sun to clear my path
once again

     -ignorance kills-

i go into some thing. where i break up into atoms.. my body becomes trillions of little things moving around.. after that.. i just see clumps of mass in stillness.. and then there is
primal movement.. followed by a
physical form breakdown.. i exist simply as a little dot.. smaller then the head of a pin needle..

what am i then u may ask.. not much.. all i can really do it float around.. everything seems pretty big. im not really anything.. really..

but one thing i do know i have in that form.. is options.. possibility.. freedom.. and the access to the infinite.. my little spec of a being is able to know anything.. be anywhere..
expand.. contract.. disappear.. and

in my heart.. i know that is all we are.. nothings with infinite somethings..

   -delete yourself-

and after the masses of pure formless energy floating around in the everythingness.. what next.. blinding lights of power and love.. i dont know.. i say good and bad.. light
and dark.. creation and destruction ..
create a whole.. which is perfection.. because it allows for growth.. change.. evolution.. which allows the motion of motionless and the world to turn.. and the space to
ferment till the end of twitching nerves. this is
perfection of the yin yang smoke and aftermath tidings unfit for the lame.. go straight to the source..

to be free from all is to be all.. free free free we are free.. this is the epitomy of freedom at its fullest.. and gander at it..

what a glorious sight! look around you at your freedom and its comings.. what to do . what will you do?
you are doing it.

killshimself10:20pm: hour meditation
i just meditated for around an hour to an hour n a half..

some i remember some i dont. i was mostly blank, slippin in and out of existence.
sometimes my eyes were open, but most of the time closed.

im sure i went into pretty low brain waves, like a sleep but my body was still sitting up.
really focusing on my third eye, impermanence, and my own energy,.

im starting to really see the crazy structure of mind people are in during the moving day.
i can focus so hard on something, see some results. some time later i will not care anymore.
and the after effects of my strain start to shine out of no where..

it is when u let go of your intense focus, that it really becomes strong.

meditation definatly is a threat to your way of life ;)
maxtensity10:05pm: Okay, this was last night's leftovers...

This one friend of mine, Brian was the main focal point of the dream. HIs face kept poppong out of nowhere, smiling at me and calling my name...he kept stretching his hand out to me, as if trying to make me go with him somewhere...that's actualy how i felt...And then suddenly i lapse into this lucid moment in my dream...and the two of us were in a kind of living room...he was sitting on the couch and I was standing not too far away from him in my bathrobes...He called my name with the exact same tone as it was in the beginning of the dream...and since it was lucid, i came to him, sat on his lap and I woke up...I remember shaking because Brian had always pissed me of most of the time...I was freaked out by how i actually chose to answer his call...For me it's one of those things that is so complicatd to explain.
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19th April 2005

killshimself2:51pm: intro
am 22 years old
native american blood, taoist path, kundalini awakened, and tulku

been playing with pk for 8 years

micro and macro. ive had much success with both.

im still unsure of the practical uses for this rare ability, though i still do it everyday, merely.. because i can. heh

i strive to explore every aspect of the human using freedom experience.

been researching it from the physics point of view to the spiritual.

u could say i have pk on the mind, 24/7. i even practice it in my dreams.

i enjoy speaking with others who cultivate this ability, so SPEAK UP!


18th April 2005

killshimself5:41pm: "Today young men on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one conciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the weather.(hicks)
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